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Dr.V.N.Sharma is a prominent personality in the field of Environment, Waste and Water Management. He has specialisation in various live fields such as, Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Environment Management Systems ISO 14040, Environment Management and Planning, Water Budgeting and Management in industry and towns, Rain Water Harvesting, Energy Economy.

He has Academic association with Ranchi University and National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi (NIFFT), and teaches full credit courses in the area of Environment and Water Management.

He also takes keen interest in Movements for Social Change, Education and Science Policy, Science popularization and Peoples Science Movement.


M. Tech. (Materials Sc. and Engg., IIT Kanpur)
Ph. D. (Env.Sc. and Engg., ISM, Dhanbad)


a) Key Environmentalist 
by Centre for Science & Environment & Down To Earth

b) Consultant, Environment, Waste and Water (incl RWH) Management including Global Warming, Climate Change, Livelihood Concerns and Food Security for the Masses.

c) Principal Consultant, Chirag Naksha Ghar (Building Designers and Consultants), Ranchi, India. 

d) Advisor (Environment), Sabz Care Management Services (Regd), Aarti Bhawan, Madhupur, Dist. Deoghar, Jharkhand

The following projects were cleared through M/s Sabz Care Manangement Services under his guidance and supervision:-

1. Madankata Kathmirkhi Sandmine Project- M/s Azharuddin
2. Madanpur Baltharwa Sandmine Project-M/s Agrima Infra Pvt. Ltd.
3. Manjori Dasdihi Sandmine Project- M/s Yasser Nawaz
4. Gangapur Sandmine Project- M/s Mrityunjay Kumar Yadav
5. Harichak Sandmine Project- M/s Mrityunjay Kumar Yadav
6. Bankhanjo Sandmine Project- M/s Brijesh Nayak
7. Jharkhandi Dham Sandmine Project- M/s Pradeep Kumar
8. Goradih Stone Mining Project- M/s Afroz Alam
9. Dhotho Stone Mining Project- M/s Chotu Modi
10. Saharpur Stone Mining Project- M/s Johar Mining
11. Saharpur Stone Mining Project- M/s Sandeep Kumar Tiwari
12. **Kulkulidangal Stone Mining Project- M/s Asgar Ali
13. **Jangalpur Stone Mining Project- M/s Mubarak Hussain & Mahmud Ansari
P.S.: ** shows that the projects are not cleared but under consideration.

e) Academic Association with Ranchi and Birsa Agricultural Universities, Ranchi (India) and National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi as Adjunct/ Guest Faculty in the field of Environment and Water Management.

f) Chairman, Jharkhand Vigyan Manch (Regd.), 
Ranchi, Jharkhand India. (Engagements for Social Change, Education policy, Science popularization and Peoples Science Movement)

g) Chairman, Federation of Retired SAIL Employees (FORSE) 

h) President, SAIL Ex-Employees Association, 

i) Member, Jan Sansad Working Committee, 

j) Life Member, Bihar Brains Development Society, 

k) Member, IITKanpur Citizens' Forum

Ex-Organising Secretary, All India Forum for Right To Education 
and  Convenor, Editorial Board, Reconstructing Education 
and तालीम की लड़ाई

Reconstructing Education-June 2012
तालीम की लड़ाई-June 2012 
Reconstructing Education-April 2011 
तालीम की लड़ाई-April 2011 
Reconstructing Education-Dec 2011
तालीम की लड़ाई-दिस 2011

Owner and Moderator (Internet groups):

Dr. Sharma served the Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in various capacities (1965-1979) where he conducted Laboratory Management and Research in the area of Pyro- and Hydrometallurgy, Fine particle mineral processing, Mineral characterization and Agglomeration.

This was followed up by his employment with Raw Materials and Environment Management Divisions of the R and D Centre for Iron and Steel, Steel Authority of India Ltd.(SAIL/RDCIS), Ranchi, India (1979-2002). His major contribution was setting up of Corporate Environment Management Division for SAIL and Plant Environment Control Departments for its plants and conducting Management and Technology Development programmes in all aspects of Environment Management which included RWH, Water Management, Water Budgeting and Water Conservation in SAIL Steel Plants and Townships.


In addition, Dr. Sharma has been playing leading role in various professional, social and voluntary activities.


Dr. Sharma has over 45 publications in national and international journals and proceedings of various conferences and seminars. He has also edited proceedings of two International conferences and two teaching and Seminar publications. He has also visited foreign countries and participated in conferences and seminars and presented technical papers.


Visited UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia and Switzerland to participate in Conferences, Seminars etc.  


A-100, SAIL Satellite Township,
P.O. Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004, 
Jharkhand, India

Phone: 91-651-2441524, 3255795
Cell : 919431102680

Detailed CV in the link: 

The Photographs

Felicitation by Sr. Citizens Welfare Forum, Durgapur on 17th Jan 2016
Felicitation during Civic Reception at Bhadravati (Karnataka) on 27th Sept 2015

Addressing the gathering in Bhadravati (Karnataka)

FORSE Apex Council Meeting at Ranchi April 2015

FORSE Apex Council Meeting at Bhilai in Sept 2015

FORSE Foundation Meeting at Rourkela March 2014

With Env and Water Mgt Students during technical visit to Rukka Dam, Ranchi in Jan 2007

Felicitation by Env. and Water Mgt students during their Certificate and Award giving ceremony in June 2008



I need to read your comments on "global warming" and the measures you suggest in order to keep indian environment affiliated with nature.

Anonymous said...

Dr VN Sharma has a very strong technical and cultural background like his moustaches.

Arun Kumar Verma, USA